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At NOLA Automation and Cabling Solutions, LLC we pride ourselves on being one of the leading automated systems and equipment installers in the New Orleans area. With over 15 years experience, we specialize in the installation of building automation, voice, data, security, and lighting control systems and equipment. It is through our extensive knowledge and attention to detail that we are able to provide our customers with a quality product and excellent service.


At NOLA Automation and Cabling Solutions, LLC our vision is to provide our customers with a premium service at a reasonable cost. We possess knowledge and understanding of automated, electrical, and mechanical systems necessary to minimize mistakes and produce a quality installation. We recognize the difficulties our customers face when dealing with inexperienced installers that lack the skills and training necessary to bring a project in as scheduled and within budget. It is this understanding, as well as careful planning and coordination, which allow us to reduce the time our customers' technicians spend on troubleshooting mistakes. This enables the technician to concentrate on programming and commissioning ultimately saving our customers money and allowing them to be more competitive during the bid process.


Automation systems are a necessary part of managing buildings' or facilities' daily operations and services. Whether it be a single building or multiple buildings, automation systems allow facility managers to have complete control of the HVAC, lighting, central plant, fire alarm, and security systems through a web based protocol accessed from anywhere in the world. Basically anything that uses electricity can be controlled, monitored, and scheduled to make the daily operations easier to manage for the people maintaining these facilities.

The Manufacturers of these systems are Siemens Industry, Johnson Controls, Trane, amongst others. NOLA Automation and Cabling Solutions, LLC. secures projects from these companies to install the automation system based on the specified design from the owner/facility. Currently these manufacturers are forced to use electrical contractors to install the product even though they have limited knowledge of how the system and equipment works. This causes many errors and mistakes and forces the manufacturer to have to send their programmers, which are premium dollar employees, to trouble shoot the newly installed system and correct the problems before they can even start programming and commissioning. This causes costs to be inflated and profits to be minimal.

We have people that have been in the industry for many years and even worked for Siemens Industry and Johnson Controls FX, receiving factory and on the job training. Through working for these companies, it has been made clear that there is a desperate need for quality installers with the knowledge to install these systems seamlessly and is exactly why we have decided to go into business. We enable our customers to be more competitive come bid day by building up their trust in us. They know that we will minimize mistakes, lessen the time the programmers spend on the job, and ultimately save them money.


At NOLA Automation & Cabling Solutions, LLC. safety is our top priority. To highlight this, we have instituted an OSHA approved safety program that includes weekly jobsite safety meetings, monthly equipment training, and an on the job safety leader to help ensure all employees are in compliance. We believe safety is the responsibility of all employees and take any and all necessary precautions to ensure that everyone goes home safe at the end of the day.